Kart Tracks

11 Go-Kart tracks • 250 Karts
16 Go-Karts Styles

Height Requirements

Cannon Ball (Stock Cars)-58”

Road Racer Single Seater-54”

Road Racer 2 Seater (Driver)-54” & 16yrs.old (Passenger)-42”-53”

Outlaw (Midgets)-54”

Grand Prix (Bullits)-54”

Slick 8-48”

Outlaw (Drifters)-48”

Grand Prix (Clippers)-48”

Cannon Ball (Jr. Speed Karts)-48”

Family Single-48”

Family 2 Seater (Driver)-48” & 16 yrs. Old (Passenger)-36”-47”

Grand Prix 2 Seater (Driver)-48” & 16 yrs.old (Passenger)-36”-47”

Bumper Boats-42”

2 Seater (Driver) 42” & 16 yrs. Old (Passenger)-36”-41”

Jr. Stock Track-42”

Kiddie Track-36”

Power Wheels-36”



Kiddie Bumper Boats-36”


Hampton Ride-36”


Moon Walker-36”and under 200lbs.

Adult Speed Track

The fastest Go-Karts in the resort area, you’ll be a blur as you race around this track approaching speeds of 40 mph. This track is not for the faint at heart. We time your laps and give you a print-out of your lap times and ranking. So bring on your best racing!

Must be at least 16 years old with a valid photo ID. This a a waiver required ride and closed toe shoes are required.

Cannonball Track

Mini NASCAR themed karts travel at adult speeds on an awesome road course similar to Watkins Glen, NY.

7 Tickets • Pro Band

Super Stocks (58” tall & up)

7 Tickets • Pro Band

Jr Speed (48” tall & up)

Family Track

The original family track is a stretched out road course designed to please the whole family. With 2-seaters available, kids can ride with a parent, or take their turn at go-karting in a single seat kart.

6 Tickets • Pro Band

48” tall & up

Grand Prix Track

The Family Grand Prix has tough hairpin turns and winding ‘s‘ curves. Whip around the track in the European Bullits, or take it easy family style in a 2-seater.

7 Tickets:

Bullits (54” tall & up)

6 Tickets • Pro Band

Other (48” tall & up)

JR. Dune Buggy Track

Our Kiddie Dune Buggies are an off-road, all-terrain experience for kids. It’s a Dune-Digging Mud-Slinging good time.

4 Tickets • Rookie Band

42” tall

JR Stock Track

A special figure-8 track that is perfect for rookie drivers. This over/under track with bridge is a little smaller than the Super 8, but just as much fun for the smaller drivers.

4 Tickets • Rookie & Pro Bands

42” tall & up

Kiddie Track

Gas powered, 2 horse-powered karts for those rookie drivers who are experiencing their first go-kart ride.

4 Tickets • Rookie Band

36” tall

Quarter Midget Simulated Dirt Track

Take your turn at a real dirt track racing experience on our oval slick track that will keep you busy trying to stay straight.

7 Tickets • Pro Band

54” tall & up

7 Tickets • Pro Band

Drifter Karts (48” tall & up)

Power Wheels Track

Our Power Wheels track is designed especially for little tikes. These battery powered karts are perfect for 3 year olds that feel the need for speed.

4 Tickets • Rookie Band

2 Years

Road Racer Track

This is high-speed endurance racing. This extra long 1/2-mile road course offers head to head racing with up to 30 karts at a time.

Pro Band

Single Seat Viper (54” tall & up)

Pro Band

Double Seater (Driver must be at least 54” tall & 16 years old. Passenger must be at least 42" tall)
3 Lap Minium • Buy 5 Laps get the 6th Lap Free

Super 8 Slick Track

This exhilarating over/under track with bridge is a great figure-8 slick track for junior and adult riders.

7 Tickets • Pro Band

48” tall & up

Open Weekends Year-round
Open 7 days a week, March 1st thru September.

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