Kart Tracks

11 Go-Kart tracks • 250 Karts
16 Go-Karts Styles

Height Requirements

Cannon Ball (Stock Cars)-58”

Road Racer Single Seater-54”

Road Racer 2 Seater (Driver)-54” & 16yrs.old (Passenger)-42”-53”

Outlaw (Midgets)-54”

Grand Prix (Bullits)-54”

Slick 8-48”

Outlaw (Drifters)-48”

Grand Prix (Clippers)-48”

Cannon Ball (Jr. Speed Karts)-48”

Family Single-48”

Family 2 Seater (Driver)-48” & 16 yrs. Old (Passenger)-36”-47”

Grand Prix 2 Seater (Driver)-48” & 16 yrs.old (Passenger)-36”-47”

Bumper Boats-42”

2 Seater (Driver) 42” & 16 yrs. Old (Passenger)-36”-41”

Jr. Stock Track-42”

Kiddie Track-36”

Power Wheels-36”



Kiddie Bumper Boats-36”


Hampton Ride-36”


Moon Walker-36”and under 200lbs.

Go-Kart Tracks

Adult Speed Track

The fastest Go-Karts in the resort area, you’ll be a blur as you race around this track approaching speeds of 40 mph. This track is not for the faint at heart. We time your laps and give you a print-out of your lap times and ranking. So bring on your best racing!

Must be at least 16 years old with a valid photo ID. This a a waiver required ride and closed toe shoes are required.
Go Kart Tracks

Cannonball Track

Mini NASCAR themed karts travel at adult speeds on an awesome road course similar to Watkins Glen, NY.

$9.00 ticket • Pro Band

Super Stocks (58” tall & up)

$9.00 ticket • Pro Band

Jr Speed (48” tall & up)
Go Kart Track

Family Track

The original family track is a stretched out road course designed to please the whole family. With 2-seaters available, kids can ride with a parent, or take their turn at go-karting in a single seat kart.

6 Tickets • Pro Band

48” tall & up
Go-Kart Track

Grand Prix Track

The Family Grand Prix has tough hairpin turns and winding ‘s‘ curves. Whip around the track in the European Bullits, or take it easy family style in a 2-seater.

$9.00 ticket:

Bullits (54” tall & up)

6 Tickets • Pro Band

Other (48” tall & up)
Kart Track

JR. Dune Buggy Track

Our Kiddie Dune Buggies are an off-road, all-terrain experience for kids. It’s a Dune-Digging Mud-Slinging good time.

$5 ticket • Rookie Band

42” tall
Motor World Virginia Beach Tracks

JR Stock Track

A special figure-8 track that is perfect for rookie drivers. This over/under track with bridge is a little smaller than the Super 8, but just as much fun for the smaller drivers.

$5 ticket • Rookie & Pro Bands

42” tall & up
Motor World Virginia Beach Go-Kart tracks

Kiddie Track

Gas powered, 2 horse-powered karts for those rookie drivers who are experiencing their first go-kart ride.

$5 ticket • Rookie Band

36” tall
Motor World Go-kart Tracks

Quarter Midget Simulated Dirt Track

Take your turn at a real dirt track racing experience on our oval slick track that will keep you busy trying to stay straight.

$9.00 ticket • Pro Band

54” tall & up

$9.00 ticket • Pro Band

Drifter Karts (48” tall & up)
Motor World Tracks

Power Wheels Track

Our Power Wheels track is designed especially for little tikes. These battery powered karts are perfect for 3 year olds that feel the need for speed.

$5 ticket • Rookie Band

36” tall
Motor World Go Kart Tracks

Road Racer Track

This is high-speed endurance racing. This extra long 1/2-mile road course offers head to head racing with up to 30 karts at a time.

Pro Band

Single Seat Viper (54” tall & up)

Pro Band

Double Seater (Driver must be at least 54” tall & 16 years old. Passenger must be at least 42″ tall)

Buy 5 Laps get the 6th Lap Free

Motor World Virginia Beach VA

Super 8 Slick Track

This exhilarating over/under track with bridge is a great figure-8 slick track for junior and adult riders.

$9.00 ticket • Pro Band

48” tall & up

Open 7 days a week, March 6th thru September.


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