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How To Race Fair & Square – Go-Kart Racing Etiquette

Racing Etiquette

Outdoor Go Karting is a sport in which you ride on a go kart and compete against others. There are different types of outdoor go karts, but they all have similar riding characteristics. A lot of people think that the rider controls the go kart with his or her body, but that isn’t really the case. The rider controls the throttle, which is why this sport is called “track and field” for racing purposes.
A good rule of thumb when it comes to etiquette:
Keep your eyes open for other bikes
  • When you’re racing, look out for other riders and try not to run into them. Riders in groups are at an advantage when it comes to speed and maneuverability. If you can avoid them, do so.
  • You should never stop or slow down towards other riders because this could lead to an accident being in your favor.
  • You shouldn’t cross over other riders because doing so could possibly result in an accident happening to you too (this doesn’t happen very often). Your risk tolerance should be higher than theirs because most accidents don’t end well for other riders.
If something happens before you reach their side of the track, don’t panic! Look around carefully and find out what happened! To make things easier for yourself if this does happen, please make sure your brake is fully extended so you can stop safely if necessary before hitting a group member… otherwise you might hurt yourself then! 😛 Be careful out there! Don’t be rude or rough around the edges either… I don’t want anyone getting hurt just because they aren’t paying attention while I am running around on my go kart! 🙂

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