Motorworld: Beginner Go Karting Tips

Beginner Go-Karting Tips

It’s go-karting season! And we know you’ve been dreaming of the thrill of racing all winter.

Whether you’re racing your friends at a birthday party, team building with your coworkers, or you enjoy coming down to Motorworld to see what kind of competition you can stir up, we want to arm you with the best beginner go-karting tips to ensure that you’re on top of the game.

Motorworld: Beginner Go Karting Tips

Go-Karting Tip #1: Get Into the Correct Seating Position

Believe it or not, your posture can have a big impact on how the go-kart accelerates and drives. If you want those eternal bragging rights, this is where you start. Ideally, you want to be seated with your back resting comfortably against the back of the seat and adjust the seat with the steering wheel at a relaxed arm’s length. Try not to lean forward as you race. That actually slows you down.

Go-Karting Tip #2: Get a Symmetrical Grip on the Steering Wheel

You probably didn’t think there was a correct way to grasp a go-kart steering wheel but the proper approach is to keep your hands directly opposite one another, grasping the wheel firmly.

Although when it comes to driving a vehicle, you place your hands at “10 and 2”, this actually isn’t necessary with a go-kart, so long as your hands are symmetrically placed. For example,
“9 and 3” or “4 and 8” are other combinations you can try. Keeping your hands mirrored gives you a sturdy grip and therefore more control when you’re taking those turns and maneuvering the go-kart at a high speed.

Go-Karting Tip #3: Maintain Momentum

It’s hard when you’re rounding one corner to look ahead on the go-kart track and anticipate the next obstacles. But being aware of what’s ahead enables you to be prepared for what maneuvers you’ll need to make to put yourself in the best positions in turns and in overtaking the other drivers.

This allows you to avoid unnecessary braking and keep both your momentum and speed high.

Go-Karting Tip #4: Maintain Straight Lines

Keeping the go-kart in straight lines allows you to cover the most distance at the highest speed. Makes sense, right? The longer you accelerate forward without altering your path, the more likely you’ll be to pick up high speeds.

As tempting as it is, resist the urge to dramatically swerve and overtake slower drivers. The less you divert off the straight and narrow, the more you maintain speed (per the last tip).

Go-Karting Tip #5: A Smooth Ride = A Fast Ride

Braking, swerving, and alternating positions all cause you to lose momentum and will affect your finish time. Make turns smooth and gradual by making no sudden movements.

Go-Karting Tip #6: Avoid Braking While Turning

When you brake, your tires lose traction which causes you to spin out more easily. We should reiterate, an effective turn is smooth and gradual – no sudden jerks of the steering wheel. Braking is smoothest when you’re on a straight path. Plus applying the brake and accelerator simultaneously will cause the engine to stop. That is the last thing you want when making a dramatic turn.

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