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The Different Types of Go-Kart Racing

Karting is renowned as one of the most popular forms of motorsport on the planet. A vast array of racing types and competitions are followed and competed throughout the racing season on a global scale. Seen initially as a family sport, and associated with kids karting has become a serious activity in the motor sporting world for all ages. Most commonly, karting is seen as an introduction to Formula One and other more high-level motorsports. Official racing formats include sprint, endurance and speedway races.


Endurance races can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours and sometimes longer. As a long-term race, specific techniques are of the greatest importance, and drivers and crews must work together to perfect their pit strategy and driving skills. In these races, a mere few seconds caused by a tiny mistake can cost participants the race, so reliability is favored over all-out speed. This extensive, painstaking practice is what to do to become a winner in kart racing, however, it often takes years to reach the championship level of the sport.


The most well-known competitions in karting, the Karting World Championship, and the FIA Championships use the sprint format. This format includes a series of short races with very few laps, with a combination of calculations to measure points scored. Due to the short duration of races, usually no more than 15 minutes, strong passing of other vehicles, and speed is essential. Sprint tracks generally range in length from 400 yards to more than 1600 yards. Since the small karts can be used on a variety of track surfaces, many tracks are custom-made by karting organizations.


Taking place on clay or asphalt tracks, the main difference with these races is the number of laps. Most speedway races have between 10 and 20 short laps. These competitions focus on superior corner handling and acceleration. They can be some of the most difficult within the karting world.

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