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Motorworld’s Tickets and Wristbands

Why Does Motorworld Use Tickets?

We often get questions about the ticket system at Motorworld as some people think a flat rate would be simpler. While it might not be as simple as a single pay-to-play rate, the ticket system is actually designed to save our guests money.

(Spoiler Alert: Our best value is in a wristband… See below!)

Running the east coast’s biggest go-kart park and all of our other great attractions isn’t cheap. We also know that some people come for go karts while others come for attractions like mini-golf or bumper boats. Some come for all of it! The bottom line is that we know some people only come for certain attractions.

The ticket system is a way to let you only pay for the things you want to do. If you only want to try certain attractions, you won’t be paying for anyone else’s fun! It’s like a buffet of amazing activities. You pay for the tickets and you can spend them just about whatever activity you want.

You can buy individual races for $9.00, a 5 race strip for $40.00 or a Road Racer Special for $11.00!

Our Unlimited-Ride Wristbands (Best Value)

Our Pro Wristbands are the more popular choice for guests who have been with us before. Maybe it’s because they know how much fun it is to run from track to track, as many as they can. Maybe, it’s because they also know it’s the best financial value.

Our Pro Wristband gives you 3 hours of unlimited, smile-to-your-heart’s-content fun on our tracks and rides for just $60. For the smaller racers, who are going to stick to the kiddie tracks and rides, they can have 3 hours of exhausting joy for only $30.

The wristband can save you money because once you have the wristband, no track or attraction costs more than the others. Instead of paying for a $9 ticker for our bigger and faster rides, your wristband lets you keep running from attraction to attraction without worrying about how many tickets each one is.

Which Option Works Best For Me?

We encourage all of our guests to pick the option that best fits their budget. If $60 (or $30 for younger kids) is more than you are looking to spend on your evening, please enjoy our ticket system that lets you only pay for what you want to do. If you had planned on spending a few hours with us, we do recommend the unlimited bands as they will give you the most fun per dollar.

Either way, whatever works best for you, we would love to see you burning some rubber on our tracks! And oh yeah, did we mention we have other attractions like 36 holes of mini-golf or bumper boats?

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May hours: Sunday-Thursday 10am-dark; Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-10pm


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